Lakeview Christian School (LCS) is based on a philosophy of education that recognizes that the child is a soul as well as a body and mind, and that education should meet the needs of all three.  As a result, LCS not only holds a high standard on required state and accreditation proficiencies, but also purposefully provides instructional hours and programmatic energy to teaching about Christian doctrines and dispositions.  Furthermore, LCS seeks to integrate Christian principles in the study of all disciplines.

 LCS promotes active involvement of parents in their child’s spiritual and educational development. In addition, LCS strongly encourages LCS families to be active participants in a local church body. For the child who comes from a Christian home, LCS seeks to come along side of the Christian parent(s) and the family’s home church in the teaching of Christian doctrines and dispositions. For the child who is not from a Christian home, LCS seeks to introduce that child to the Christian faith. LCS and its sponsoring church are committed to reaching out to parents who are not Christians and to those families who are without a local church.