Lakeview Christian School honors Christ by providing an excellent education for students using a Biblically integrated curriculum for spiritual, academic, social, and physical development.


Lakeview Christian School students will be grounded in God’s Word, equipped with a Christian worldview, and challenged to achieve academic excellence as they prepare to use their gifts and abilities effectively to follow God’s plan for their lives.
  1. To apply God’s truth in our daily lives is our ultimate goal. It is our desire to learn God’s truth and be transformed by it on a daily basis.


  2. To serve others is a choice we make every day. Jesus modeled and commanded that we serve one another.   A heart willing to serve is a pre-requisite for being a true servant leader.


  3. A passion for excellence will be evident in all we do. We will demonstrate a passion for excellence in our relationship with Christ, in our relationships with each other, in academics, in athletics, in the arts, in our work ethic, and in every area of our lives.


  4. We will embrace diversity and value every student. We are all created in God’s image.


  5. We will build a community of love and grace. As recipients of God’s grace, we will show grace to others through kindness, encouragement, forgiveness, and love for those we come in contact with every day.