Lions Learning Teamwork


Today businesses find it essential that their employees are able to follow simple directions and collaborate with colleagues in making decisions. This year the high school and junior high school students have been organized into six cross-grade level teams.


On August 14th each of the teams were named and each team came up with its name for the year. This year’s teams are:


Bagley’s Rafiki                                           Kline’s Cheezits

Cansler’s Roar                                           Mosco’s Team Team

Harsh’s Penguin Waddlers                         Shrontz’ Shenanigans


Team’s colors were selected. Each team will have a different colored t-shirt which it will wear to show its colors each Friday for various physical and academic challenges.


The teams competed in the first physical challenge of the year by trying to create models using marshmallows and toothpicks. All six of the teams really got engaged in the activity and received 10 points. The Roar received an additional ten points for having the best model as judged by the six teacher leaders.


The standings after week 1 are:

Roar                     20                                  Cheezits               10

Rafiki                    10                                  Team Team          10

Penguin Waddlers   10                                  Shenanigans          10

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Enrichment Courses


Each Friday LCS will be offering enrichment courses and community service opportunities for its students. The following courses will be offered during the first quarter:


Dr. Ballinger  Weights

Mr. Kline      Bowling

Mr. Bagley    Photography

Mrs. Cansler  Advanced Archery Beginning Archery

Ms. Harsh Credit Rec. English/Jane Austen Movies

Mrs. Mosco  Recycling Crafts     Zumba (girls only)

Mrs. Shrontz       Puzzles  Cooking

Mr. Welch      Guitar & Drums

Mr. Harshman  Chess & Student Leaders


Students will be allowed to choose which courses in which they will participate. Some of the offerings will be repeated second quarter and some new courses will be offered as well.